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Don’t-miss models from Spark, Automodelli & SMTS

A lion, two pigs, a Slurpee GTP & a pair of Indy Lotuses

Below you’ll read about some very desirable 1/43 models from Spark, Automodelli & SMTS. A mixture of resincast builts and metal or resin kits awaits and you may want them all! The first one is kind of aspirational at this point in time….

The elusive Lion car

spark shadow dn9b samson shagLet’s start with the most elusive of F1 car models. It’s the Shadow DN9b Samson Shag “Lion” car. Driven by Jan Lammers at the 1979 Belgian GP, the model of this car is highly desired for it’s artful color scheme. It was available only in 1/43 kit form long ago by “Car” and more recently (and definitely a better model) by Tameo. Spark recently released a Samson Shag Shadow; however it’s the early season version. The one most collectors want is the Lion car as shown here.

It’s probably going to appear for general consumption very soon because it’s already been released as a special gift boxed version in Belgium. I tried to order one while it was available but the site was in Dutch (Flemish). I couldn’t figure out how to order and yes, it’s sold out now. That doesn’t mean that it won’t appear in a normal Spark box in the near future. Watch your inbox and your favorite dealer website for a heads-up upon its release because it’s bound to sell very fast.

SPECIAL NOTE: Following hot on posting this article, I received an email from that Dutch (not Belgian) dealer’s website! Herewith his note: We, GPworld, are responsible for the Spark special edition of Jan Lammers’ lion car, which is sold out. A second version will come out this year (different race), but still with the lion. Once again as a special edition for GPworld and again in a giftbox. As Spark’s policy is to never produce the same car again, these versions will not become available in their regular range of models.

two porsche pink pigs from spark in 1/43Two pigs you’ll eat up

One is the hotly awaited 1/43 Porsche Pink Pig from LeMans 2018 and the other is the same retro livery that was run in Chinese GT3 competition. They’ve been released and are working their way to your favorite model dealer as this is written. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, why are you waiting?

automodelli ford mustang gtpsIMSA Ford Mustang GTPs

On the face of it, this looks like a straight re-do of the old Starter 1/43 kit. That is not such a bad thing because outside of the terrible injected plastic headlights, it was a pretty good  and accurate model. Automodelli of Australia has put their spin on the kit with two different liveries available in the kit and has covered headlights. That’s fine because the IMSA races during that era were largely sprint races and the cars didn’t need headlights as they do now. Don’t like to build kits? Automodelli can build it for you or the Grand Prix Models studio can build it for you. GPM has some of the best builders at their disposal.

The first and last Lotuses at Indy

smts lotus 29 clark indySMTS has graced us with a metal kit and handbuilt of the Jim Clark driven Lotus 29 which appeared for the 1983 Indy 500. This was the first car Colin Chapman sent over to America to run at Indy along with his star driver. This car was not the first rear-engined car at Indy but it is the car that spelled the beginning of the end for front-engined roadsters. The Lotus finished second in Clark’s hands and America’s Dan Gurney finished seventh.

smts lotus 64 The final Lotus entry at Indy was a multi-car entry by Andy Granatelli’s STP team for the 1969 Indy 500. Mario Andretti was the lead driver for the team and the car was very fast in practice. Mario crashed the car due to a wheel bearing failure. It may have been good luck for Mario because all the Lotus 64 cars were withdrawn and the older Brawner-Hawk was wheeled out for Andretti. He was to score his one and only Indy win in the Hawk.

Both models are available as kits or handbuilts. SMTS generally sells good kits and builts. Dayglo paint is always a bit tough to spray so a factory built may be your best bet. Fortunately SMTS built models are fairly reasonable price-wise.

Where to find these models from Spark, Automodelli & SMTS

Look for the Spark Shadow and Porsche Pink pigs from your friendly Spark retailer.
The Automodelli Mustangs and the two SMTS Lotuses can be ordered from Grand Prix Models.

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