A friend of mine once built me two oak and glass cabinets for my rapidly expanding 1/43 race car collection.

I still have them 25+ years later. The cabinets below are updated and improved versions of those original cabinets and will be available to everyone else very soon. —Dave The Racerhead

racerhead large backlit model cabinet

racerhead small mirrored model cabinet racerhead mirrored cabinets empty

Racerhead cabinets have been conceived by a collector for collectors. Designed for maximum dust protection and enhanced eye-level viewing while saving space. Constructed of clear oak and available in 2 sizes and 3 finishes. Both size cabinets are available with glass mirrored backs. The large cabinet is also available with optional high-end miniature LED backlighting. Doors, mirrors and deep shelves are glass. The cabinets are ideal for 1/43 models or Hot Wheels, etc. 

The small cabinet is holding 54 Ferraris and Alfas. The large backlit cabinet at top is holding 114 cars and one transporter. The top shelf of the large cabinets has extra headroom to fit taller vehicles such as transporters or small dioramas. Prototypes shown above.

Coming Soon! If you would like to receive more information and a price list, click cabinet information and type INFO in the subject line. That’s it!

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