The genius of IMSA GTP

The genius of IMSA GTP is that it nods to IMSA history and IMSA teams go back to LeMans. Prototype teams can race worldwide. Thanks NASCAR!

Crime and lap times

The recent conviction of Scott Tucker on numerous federal charges of fraud is not surprising. Auto racing at any level is a great way to blow through copious amounts of money. The old expression holds true: How fast do you want to go? How much money do you have? The desire to go very fast is what drives criminals and auto racing to occasionally get together.

Blame it on Steve McQueen

I was already addicted to auto racing by the time the LeMans movie premiered. An image in a magazine ad I’d seen showed the 1-2-3 finish by Ford at LeMans in 1966. The romance and already legend of that particular race were now etched in my mind forever.


There are many great drivers that had diverse racing careers, but few can say they topped the sheer diversity and consistent excellence of David Hobbs.