How to create decals for models

When I built the 2021 Helio Castro-Neves Autonation Indy model I used decals for the pink areas. Here’s how to create decals for models.

Inexpensive model building trays

I regularly build a few 1/43 models at once. Organizing is tough. Inexpensive model building trays posing as jewelry trays are the solution.

How to photograph model cars

Selling models on ebay? It won’t get any attention with lackluster product shots. Some tips on how to photograph model cars for fun or profit.

Tameo 1/43 bodywork stands

You may some 1/43rd models that have take-off bodywork. Tameo 1/43 bodywork stands are easy to assemble and will enhance your model display.

Tips for scale model painting

The right tools for painting safely and effectively are needed for a consistently good result. Great tips for scale model painting right here.

Handy tips for model building

I’ve built models for a long time. I’ve found many things that make life easier and economical. Herewith some handy tips for model building.