Motorsport art by Joel Clark

At first glance, you might think that Joel Clark’s artistic style is to use simple broad swaths of color. While that is true, upon closer examination you realize that the broad swaths are solid color vinyl. Yes, the kind used in wrapping cars, amongst other things.

Motorsport art by Last Corner

Motorsport art by Last Corner defines attractive and inexpensive motorsport art posters matching iconic race cars and the tracks that made them great.

Motorsport art by Yuriy Shevchuk

Artist Yuriy Shevchuk captures the beauty of the cars, the essence of a moment in a great race and the atmosphere of the event surrounding it.

Art of the LeMans 24 hour race

LeMans is a cathedral of motorsport. Spectators feel it from the time they enter the main gate. The impressive pits, the Dunlop bridge, ferris wheel, Rolex clock, massive stands. Spend 24 hours here and visions dance in your head of great races and race cars past.

Vintage gas station clocks for your car cave

Vintage gas station clocks have long been desirable for their functional retro art style. You’ll find the originals at auto swap meets., but if you don’t have the time for the hunt, look into reproduction clocks. Most are lit; some have neon lighting. Subject matter includes gas, oil, current and vintage car makers.

Gas, oil & car company signs for your car cave

Petrol heads have been collecting and displaying vintage gas, oil and car company signs in their garages and offices for years. The truly old, original ones are huge and carry huge price tags too. Throw in hard to find, and for most folks, well….forget it.

Car-toons by Booth– cars, whimsy and smiles

I first met the Booths in the late 1980s. Their Car-toons by Booth business was young and already very popular. Racing art was a very niche thing then, yet their whimsical car caricatures were immediate breakout hits.

Motorsport art by Klem

In one of those great moments of internet discovery, I came across some motorsport art by Miha Klemen, also known as Klem. On a site called Deviant Art, I found an artist skilled in both traditional styles and contemporary art.