Motorsport art by Steve Petrosky

Take a trip through the motorsport art by Steve Petrosky and you quickly realize he loves American racing. IMSA seems to be a particular love of his.

Motorsport art by Rob Ijbema

Many racing fans will know motorsport art by Rob Ijbema from his Car-A-Day blog. Ijbema painted a different racing scene every day for a year.

Motorsport art by Marijan Pecar

Motorsport art by Marijan Pecar shows a deep love for cars. His contemporary oil paint and watercolor paintings are realistic and highly detailed.

Fine art meets Indy car art

Major races have released event posters that are fairly arty. The Detroit Grand Prix has decided to feature Indy car art on their posters rather than photos.

Retro Porsche Pink Pig Revisited

The 2018 LeMans retro Porsche Pink Pig 911 is hotter than the 1971 Porsche 917/20 original! Artists Joel Clark and Last Corner celebrate the newest Pink Pig.

Motorsport art by Simon Owen

The soft feeling of watercolor and the wonderfully detailed images capture and define a fleeting moment in racing time. Classic race cars and great drivers on classic tracks.

Motorsport art by John Ketchell

Mr. Ketchell concentrates on the racing of the 50s, 60s and 70s for the most part. Cars charging at you at all angles brings excitement. Background paint strokes give atmosphere to the subjects.

Motorsport art by Roger Warrick

If you’ve attended the 12 Hours of Sebring, you have seen the motorsport art of Roger Warrick. He’s comfortable creating a realistic portrayal of race cars on track, caricatures of famous race cars or composite scenes of race drivers from various tracks.

Motorsport art by Paul Chenard

If you are a fan of straight-ahead race car illustration, you’ll love the motorsport art by Paul Chenard. His art is highly accurate, with a style that pops the images of race cars out of the background.