The LeMans 24 Hours Part 2

Continue sharing Steve’s experience at the 2022 LeMans 24 Hours. He was blown away by the trip to France. He crossed LM off his bucket list.

The 2022 LeMans 24 Hours

Our writer got a chance to attend the 2022 LeMans 24 Hours with a friend. It was the glorious culmination of his 40 years of racing fandom.

Being There: The 2010 LeMans 24 Hour Race

Another from the deep archives: A racing vacation to Europe concludes with the 2010 LeMans 24 Hours. It was an epic battle between four Peugeots and 3 Audis for the win. The food was great and it didn’t rain.

Tiny Cars at Larz

Sundays in the summer months means car events on the lawn at Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline, Mass. The event for July 9th was for tiny cars, a huge amusement for most of us.

Supercars at Larz Anderson

When up in the Boston area, be sure to visit the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts. Set on a high bluff overlooking the Boston skyline, the collection is housed in a stone castle. Billed as America’s oldest car collection, they put on some fine shows in their compact space. “Supercars: Origins, Evolutions” has just opened, and it’s definitely worth a side trip, especially on a nice day.