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Cars and Coffee Cups 3 — Racerhead Gift Guide

A third look at high-octane fuel containers

It never ceases to amaze me when shown all of the things art can be printed on. Cars and Coffee Cups 3 goes a step beyond with new holders for high-octane beverages. If you missed Cars and Coffee Cups or Cars and Coffee Cups 2, there you go. This time we look at vintage race cars, classic race cars and contemporary formula cars. And just for good measure, a couple of sources for superb high octane coffee and tea. 

Vintage race cars

vanderbilt cup 1908 mug cars and coffee cups 3Our first cup is appropriately from the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup. The Vanderbilt Cup was one of the first open-road races in America, held on New York’s Long Island. The car is a Mercedes and was entered by the organizer of the event, William Vanderbilt, Jr. The car is seen racing past the start/finish line grandstand. 11 and 15 ounce sizes are available.isotta fraschini fiat cars and coffee cups 3

This next mug features an Isotta Fraschini Fiat race car along with a Bleriot monoplane from roughly the same period. It’s a colorful look at period race cars from the early days of motor racing. It’s an 11 ounce mug.

alfa race car mug cars and coffee mugs 3Who doesn’t like a red car made in Italy? Alfa Romeo was there before Ferrari (actually, Mr. Ferrari started by racing Alfas). This Alfa Romeo also encompasses several icons from the early 20th century. Auto races held on open roads often needed to cross train tracks in the course of a race. Hopefully the cars and vintage dashboard coffee mug cars and coffee cups 3trains did not meet with disastrous consequences. You just know they did at least a few times. This mug is available in both 11 and 15 ounce sizes. 

Our last vintage car mug is a simple view of a classic dashboard from any vintage car you ever saw. With a view from the close-by gas cap, we can see the large guages and even larger steering wheel. The car is red. Draw your own conclusions as to which one it is. Also available in 11 and 15 ounce sizes.

Classic race cars

bmw csl spa 1973 cars and coffee cups 3The next two mugs feature artwork from the talented Yuriy Shevchuk. Shevchuk uses color brilliantly and forcefully. Both mugs should please your visual sense and the brew might taste special as well.

Although BMW started racing their cars very early on, it was the 3.0 CSL that really cemented BMW in the annals of race car history. The bewinged car could be had for the street, but was psychedelic porsche 917lh cars and coffee cups 3most often found on the race tracks of the world from LeMans to Daytona. In fact, it won the Daytona 24 Hour race overall in 1976. The car featured at left won the Spa 24 Hours in 1973. Drink heartily from 11 or 15 ounce mugs.

Our next mug is one that depicts one of the most visually exciting Porsche race cars of all time. The “hippie” Porsche 917 raced at LeMans in 1970 and achieved startling speeds on what was the long 3 mile straight that was then used at the 24 Hour race. It did not win. It still is one of the favorite Porsche race cars for many Porsche fans. You guessed it. Available in 11 and 15 ounce sizes.

Contemporary race cars

formula one car cars and coffee cups 3We move on to the current generation of Formula One cars as depicted on coffee vessels. On the left is a mug that offers 3 different views of F1 cars at speed. If you’ve loved Formula One through the ages, this mug is for you. An 11 ounce mug.

williams fw36 cars and coffee cups 3Finally, we give you the Martini & Rossi sponsored Williams FW36. While it was not ultimately a successful race car, it sure was lovely to look at. Martini is one of the most iconic race car sponsors of all time, and seeing it as you quaff a warm brew will give you pleasure that the Williams team rarely found while racing the car. Also available in those 11 and 15 ounce sizes.

Where to find high-octane coffee or tea

Located within a few blocks of each other are two of the finest sources of coffee and tea I’ve ever found.

McNulty’s can be found on Christopher Street in NYC’s Manhattan borough. The store looks and feels as if it exists in the 19th century. That is because the shop has been there since 1895. The brews are thoroughly modern though. They do mail order. You should try whatever they have. It’s all insanely good.

Also in Manhattan is Porto Rico. A slightly more modern shop that has “only” been around since 1905. They have several stores in Manhattan. Equally good. They also do mail order.