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Cars and Coffee Cups 2 – Racerhead Gift Guide

Art and caffeine come together again

Does it take a high-octane brew to get you up and running each day? Do you feel the need for more art in your life? Auto art covered coffee cups are the way to achieve both of these goals!

In our first review of coffee-drinking devices (Cars and Coffee Cups), we looked at varied sources. For Cars and Coffee 2, we concentrate on Redbubble as our destination.

alfa_checkered flag_corvette65_mazda cars and coffee cups 2

Redbubble is a company that allows artists to put their art images out there in various ways, without having to own inventory at all. Redbubble will print an image on pillows, shirts, iphone cases, and more. Coffee mugs too.

Feel the power!

Your passion for cars will be stoked each time you take a sip of your favorite hot beverage. The Alfa Romeo mug at left is simple, to the point, and red. A checkered flag is perfect for any racing enthusiast at the end of a tough day. The 1965 Corvette mug is covered with an illustration by Stuart Row. The Mazda rotary noise should awaken you with a start.

martini white_black_gulf_porsche 917 cars and coffee cups 2
All Porsche

Porsche enthusiasts will love these next four mugs at the right. The white and black Martini mugs evoke the memory of the first Porsche 936 race cars. The 936s had many different versions of the iconic Martini stripes over the life of the race car.

Gulf Porsche 917s never won LeMans, but the colors live on and on. Made really memorable from Steve McQueens epic movie LeMans and now on your mug. If you drink your coffee black (or better yet espresso), it might almost be motor oil in that mug….

A sister Porsche 917 to the Gulf car would win LeMans in 1970. Those beautiful white stripes of the car blast out of this red mug. 

repsol pedrosa_toyota hybrid cars and coffee cups 2A Repsol bike and a Toyota Hybrid

If you love motorcycle racing, you will love this brightly illustrated mug with Dani Pedrosa on his Repsol/Red Bull Honda.

If you are a follower of the WEC, you’ll appreciate the stark black, red and white of the Toyota Hybrid mug. After the heartbreaking last lap loss a couple of seasons ago, nobody begrudged them their win in 2018.


There’s more!

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