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Arty 1/18th Model Mounts by Austin

An inspired way to display models

Model Mounts by Austin presents (mostly) racing models in a contextual way that is very, very nice. 1/18th scale models are mounted on large hand-decorated wooden painting panel bases. The bases generally riff on a model’s paint scheme.

model mounts by austinA changing selection of models are offered and encompasses a large selection of racing series’ cars. I imagine the selection is determined by the models that can be obtained in new condition. While some of the cars shown by Model Mounts by Austin may be out of production, it appears most are from current model offerings. 

Hanging race cars on the wall is not really a new thing though.

model mounts by austinIt started with an F1 driver

When Jo Bonnier left F1, he acquired the McLaren M7 that he had driven. Rather than just put the car in a garage somewhere, he decided that his living room was a better venue. This is where it took a left turn.

He hung the car on the wall.

This was no simple feat! The process included placing steel beams horizontally through the wall and then lifting the roof off of his Swiss home! The orange McLaren was then installed using a crane to lift the car into the home and then hold it in place for installation. You can bet some incredible hardware was used to hold the car safely in place!

model mounts by austinPicture that race car on the wall…
with a giant painting behind it

That’s the feeling that Model Mounts by Austin has conjured up. Only here the car and art are way smaller and a lot more affordable!

model mounts by austinI particularly like when very bold paint schemes are replicated on the mounting base. Two of the greatest (and complicated) race car decorations are the 1988 AEG Mercedes C9 and any race car with the circular BASF motif.

model mounts by austinTake a look at the group shot above and you’ll notice the Mazda LeMans winner too. Nice work.

Model Mounts does formula cars too. As this is written several Ayrton Senna F1 cars are available as are a stunning red Martini Alfa and a colorful Autonation Castroneves Indy winner.

Simplicity has its pluses too

The Penske Indy car on its Marlboro red and white base above is simplicity itself. Which was the beauty of the branding in the first place. I especially appreciate how the stripes on the base match up to the stripes on the car.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: anything looks good in Gulf colors. That is very true for the Gulf Porsche 917 displayed at top. The colors are considered one of the most iconic in racing. Consider how very small the Gulf decals are on the car. One has to wonder if the decals would even be needed today because the blue and orange are instantly identifiable as Gulf colors.

model mounts by austinAdd some colorful art to your walls 

The nicest thing about all Model Mounts is that you can hang them vertically or horizontally. Or don’t hang them at all! Lay them flat on a handy surface for an extravagant art display.

As I am writing this article, this Leyton House Porsche has just been finished. Now that will get your attention right quick!

You can see the current selection of models available at his eBay store. Please note that Model Mounts by Austin does take custom orders. Inquiries can be forwarded through the Model Mounts by Austin store or call Austin directly at (513) 702-1486.

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