Motorsport art by Yuriy Shevchuk

Artist Yuriy Shevchuk captures the beauty of the cars, the essence of a moment in a great race and the atmosphere of the event surrounding it.

The art of endurance racing

There’s so much going on at long races. The art of endurance racing is the promise of daylight and the unknown of the long dark night.

Porsche Pink Pig: Models, mugs, art, banks, more

The Porsche Pink Pig, also known as the 917/20, sported unique experimental aerodynamics developed with the French company SERA. It featured widened bodywork designed to give more downforce with better top speed. The car was ungainly to say the least. Some said it looked like a pig.

Art of the LeMans 24 hour race

LeMans is a cathedral of motorsport. Spectators feel it from the time they enter the main gate. The impressive pits, the Dunlop bridge, ferris wheel, Rolex clock, massive stands. Spend 24 hours here and visions dance in your head of great races and race cars past.