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2023 motorsport calendars are here!

It’s that time again….

We’re happy to announce that a bumper crop of 2023 motorsport calendars are available right now! Racing fans have been decorating their walls motorsport calendars for years and this year’s selections should be no different. So here are 4 great 2023 motorsport calendars to choose from:

2023 motorsport calendarsVelocity by Pete Lyons

Mr. Lyons takes a turn away from his own historical racing photos to present a studio-shot this time around. Twelve classic race cars from various series’ are presented on a moody black background. Indy cars, Can-Am, F1 and IMSA all get their due.

2023 motorsport calendars

The photo selections pull classic/iconic race cars into every month. Chaparral, Scarab, Eagle, Porsche and Jaguar are just a few of the great race cars within. The Roush Racing Merkur that raced in the IMSA series shows up as an X-Ray composite photo for the year-end December photo.

You can purchase the calendar directly from Mr. Lyons here or from your favorite calendar retailer.

World Racing by Paul Oxman Publishing

world racing 2023The longest running motorsport calendar is World Racing from Oxman Publishing. The calendar cuts a wide path across F1, Indy, WEC, IMSA, SRO and rallying. You have to love that!

The rallying shots are particularly sweet. A Toyota WRC car leaps over a crest in snowy conditions. Check out the bicycle-thin tires on the car that works especially well in snowy conditions. I’m guessing that shot was taken on the Finnish or Swedish rallies.

A mountain’s natural beauty dwarfs a speeding Dakar rally car in another shot. Wonderful!

Oxman Publishing prints 3 other calendars as well: Sprint Racing 2023, Motorcycle Classics 2023 and Classic Street Rods 2023 for those of you with diverse tastes. You can order any of the Oxman calendars right here.

the art of the formula 1 race carThe Art of the Formula 1 Race Car

This is another studio-shot calendar that lets you hang it right now. It’s a 16 month calendar that opens with September 2022 and runs until the end of 2023. A wide range of classic F1 cars is shown including the Lancia D50, Yardley BRM, two Ferraris and two McLarens, Red Bull, March, Parnelli, Cooper and more will delight the fan from one year into the new year.

You can purchase it on Amazon or from your favorite retailer. 

Auto Races 2023

auto races 2023 calendarThis one is for fans of illustrated racing scenes. If you’ve been a fan of art by Michael Turner or similar then this is the one for you. The JPS Lotus 72 is the “newest” of the cars shown on the year’s pages. Auto Union, Vanwall, Ferrari and Brabham F1 cars. Mercedes at LeMans and on the Targa Florio. Jaguar and their D-type at LeMans. Alfa at the Targa as well.

You might think of framing a couple of these paintings after the year is up…..

Find this calendar on Etsy or from your favorite calendar source.

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