2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!

A classic way to mark each day

Every year around this time we feature the latest wall calendars for race car fans. I’m happy to report that a great crop of 2022 motorsport calendars are here! Can-Am, F1, Vintage and even NASCAR are on tap to admire this coming year.

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!
Velocity 2022

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!This annual display of fine Can-Am photography from Pete Lyons is a keeper once again. Lyons was an active reporter and photographer during the glory days of the the big-bore sports car series.

His books on the subject are classics unto themselves. Lyons’ huge cache of photos provide insights into the somewhat simpler times of sports car racing while giving us a glimpse into the turbocharged future of motorsport brought on by Porsche.

Available from Pete Lyons directly or from your favorite calendar seller.

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!World Racing 2022

Motorsport calendars from Paul Oxman Publishing have been around for ages. World Racing is probably the only calendar available that features photos from many major race series instead of just one area of concentration.

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!This year’s calendar has photos from F1, WEC/LeMans, IMSA, Indycar, Aussie Supercars and NASCAR. Stunning shots from all of those are here but the Cup cars in the rain and on the dirt are the most captivating. I’m not a NASCAR fan but these shots bring us back to the days when NASCAR raced anywhere on any track.

Paul Oxman Publishing has a few other calendars of interest as well. You can check them out here.

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!Auto Races 2022

A pretty lame title for a pretty interesting calendar. This one reminds me of the illustrations of Michael Turner and Nicholas Watts. That’s a very good thing too.

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!Rather than photography, really nice paintings turn each month into a study of motorsport art.

Vintage racing scenes from the age when men were men and race drivers died frequently are the theme here. But oh those cars! Speeding through the turns on tracks of the past with famed drivers at the wheel evoke scenes that will never be repeated in this current age of safer racing.

The illustrations are nice enough to frame after the year’s calendering is up. This should be right at the top of vintage car racing fans’ wish list. You can see the art from each month and consider a purchase by clicking here.

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here!The Art of the Formula 1 Race Car 2022

This is a 16 month calendar that begins with the last 4 months of 2021 so it’s ready to hang as soon as you get it. Studio shots of some of the greatest F1 cars to grace a race track are shown beautifully every month.

Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Vanwall, Matra, Williams and Mercedes cars are shown in a moody black studio setting with dramatic lighting.

If you live for F1 like so many of us do, then you’ll want this for the entirety of 2022.

A wealth of F1 beauty is available here and from your favorite calendar reseller. 

The green flag is out!

2022 Motorsport Calendars are here! Place them on your wish list or order yours today and enjoy a year of racing excitement right there on your wall.

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