2020 Motorsport Calendars are here!

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It’s that time of year again. The racing seasons are winding down as is the year. Before you know it, the holidays will be here and the New Year is right behind them. Time for 2020 motorsport calendars for office, home or car cave. 

This year’s crop has a few of the old reliables with a dash of new for flavor. Herewith the 2020 crop:

pete lyons can-am 2020 motorsport calendarsVelocity: Can-Am’s 1970 race season

This is one of the best every year. It contains photos taken by the estimable Pete Lyons. Lyons is one of the best motorsport journalists in the trade, a leading photojournalist from the Can-Am era and a contributor to Vintage Racecar Magazine.

This calendar focuses totally on the 1970 Can-Am season. That year was a bittersweet year for Team McLaren. Earlier in the year, Bruce McLaren had been killed testing his new M8D car. The team continued on though, racing in the Can-Am series that his team had so dominated in 1968 and 1969. 1970 would be a McLaren year too. The calendar opens up to 17″x 22″ with one large photo for each month. McLaren, Shadow, March, BRM, Lola, Autocoast and 6 other photos will bring you back to that wild and free series so long ago.

Available from Pete Lyons, Replicarz, and your favorite calendar outlet.

paul oxman world racing 2020 motorsport calendarsWorld Racing

This perennial favorite is back again for 2020. Produced by Paul Oxman Publishing, it features one large and two smaller photos for each month. Indy Car, F1, NASCAR, LeMans, IMSA, World Rallying and Australian Supercars have their own months in 2020. The wall calendar is a 17″x 22″ open size beauty on high-quality paper.

Paul Oxman publishes 3 other calendars as well. You can find them all exclusively from Paul Oxman Publishing.

autocourse grand prix 2020 motorsport calendarsAutocourse Grand Prix or GP & Superbike

autocourse gp superbike 2020 motorsport calendarsAutocourse has been documenting European racing for a very long time. Their calendars have focused on Formula One and Grand Prix bikes in that time and continue to do so extremely well for 2020.

Autocourse leans on some of the best photographers from around the world for the images presented in their calendars. Uniquely, both calendars start with September of 2019 and go all the way through 2020, so they’re useable immediately. Open size is approximately 11.75″ x 31.5″.

Look for Autocourse calendars from Autocourse, Amazon and wherever calendars are sold.

motorsport classic 2020 motorsport calendarsMotorsport Classic

This is very special. Each month has a huge black and white photo from the 1960s and 1970s. Classic race cars in their element at LeMans, Monaco, rallying, Spa, Austria and the Nurburgring. The photo of the Mercedes 300SLR at LeMans, air brake open, is rare and wonderful. The monthly calendar is below each month’s photo.

You can order direct from McKlein Publishing or on Amazon.

cockpit helm und halo 2020 motorsport calendarsCockpit, Helm und Halo

A calendar from Germany. One large art shot per month of F1 drivers in the cockpit, out of the car or seated behind the Halo. So very different!

The artwork appears to be digitally-altered photographs. Splendid all the same. The monthly calendar is shown on the right side of each page in a vertical format. All text in German.

Available from Amazon.

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