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The month, the date, and a race car or two

Yes, I know. Everyone has a phone with them all the time and it shows today’s date. I also know that most see physical wall calendars as archaic. If you are one of those folks, I think you are wrong.

I see a physical wall calendar as informational and artistic at the same time. Especially calendars featuring racing cars. In the darkest, coldest days of winter, a glance at my motorsport calendar reminds me that the new racing season is almost here. On the hottest day of summer, securely seated in an air conditioned room, I’m reminded that the season is indeed here and pretty soon the next important race will be viewed in the coming days.

2019 motorsport calendars will make great, relatively inexpensive gifts for racerheads.

2019 autocourse grand prix calendar
2019 Autocourse Grand Prix Calendar

Autocourse has been the definitive account of Grand Prix racing for many years with their Autocourse annuals. They are privy to some of the best photography from top photographers at each year’s Grand Prix. These 2019 motorsport calendars are a convenient way to avail yourself of this goodness. The calendars are priced under $18, available from Motorsport Collector and elsewhere.

2019 world racing calendar by paul oxman2019 World Racing Calendar

Like Autocourse, Paul Oxman Publishing has been the source for varied racing calendars for many years. For 2019, Oxman concentrates on Grand Prix, drawing from their vast archive of racing photos. If you have missed previous calendars from Oxman over the years, this will catch you up to their archival photos. Available directly from Oxman Publishing. $18.95 each. Multiple purchase discount offered. While there, check out their line of Christmas cards.

2019 Velocity Calendar

2019 motorsport calendars by pete lyonsPete Lyons has been writing and shooting photos of the best North American racing events since the late 60s. Lyons followed the original Can-Am series as a journalist and photographer and has been making his musings available through his books and calendars. If you were fortunate to experience the Can-Am, his photos will remind you of that brief bit of unlimited horsepower unleashed on the circuits of the USA. He also shot lots of F5000 and Grand Prix as well, all concentrated on the North American races. His shots looking back from the main straight at Bridgehampton are classics of that fantastic track. $29.99 each directly from the Pete Lyons site and Motorsport Collector. Be sure to take a look at Lyon’s galleries on his site as well.

2019 Ferrari and Alfa Romeo Calendars

alfa romeo and Ferrari 2019 motorsports calendarsIf you are a fan of these Italian marques, you’ll want one or both of these 2019 motorsport calendars. Formula One is the concentration in either of these gems. Both marques have storied histories in Formula One and generate much passion amongst their ardent fans. $16.99 each on the web.

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